“Charlie Got Molested”

charlie got molested.jpeg
Charlie’s mysterious sister…is she ever mentioned again? Not that I recall.

What Happens:

Mac and Charlie’s old gym teacher (Mr. Belding!) is accused of molestation and Charlie gets weird about it, leading everyone to assume that he was molested as well. Dennis and Dee decide to put their ¾ of a Major and one whole Minor in Psychology to good use by forcing Charlie to confront his trauma via intervention. Meanwhile, Mac is upset that he wasn’t molested. He was a good-looking kid! If anyone was getting blown it should have been him!

Why wouldn’t a creep want to molest this cute face?

As it turns out, Charlie was not, in fact, molested (at least not by Mr. Belding. There’s a pretty strong case to be made that Uncle Jack at least tried), but feels responsible for the false accusations because he drunkenly suggested the plan to the McPoyle brothers in the first place.

Did the McPoyles just shower together? Short answer: yes.

Why I Like It:

Dennis and Dee team up in one of the first of their many ill-conceived investigations (see also “Mac is a Serial Killer”). Fueled by a smug sense of superiority and a dash of condescension, the Reynolds siblings get to the bottom of absolutely nothing. This episode is also notable for its introduction of the McPoyles, who are among my favorite recurring characters along with Rickety Cricket and the Lawyer.


The piece de resistance is the intervention scene where Charlie is forced to show everyone on the doll where the bad man touched him. The music (Handel’s Sarabande) is amazing as is creepy Uncle Jack’s admonition to do it slowly.

The true face of the Nightman

Favorite Quotes:

Charlie’s Mom: “Be strong for your little Gingerbread man.”

Mr. Belding: “What are you doing?” Mac: “What do you want me to do?”

Line reading of the episode goes to Charlie Day for this gem:

Police Officer: “What is this in reference to?” Charlie: “Sodomy.”

What are your favorite episodes from season one? They’re all pretty stellar. The show comes right out of the gate with a real sense of who its characters are, and what the sense of humor is. 12 seasons in and I’m still excited to tune in to the adventures of these horrible, horrible people. Clearly, “It’s Always Sunny” is doing something right.