In season 2, Danny DeVito joins the cast, which was weird at first, but now I can’t imagine the show without him. It also introduces the character of poor Rickety Cricket (“The Gang Exploits a Miracle”), who, frankly, I can’t believe hasn’t died yet of a drug overdose…or being gang-banged to death by a pack of wild dogs. But, good for you, Cricket! You hang in there. I’m sure something good will happen soon…statistically it almost has to.

On to my favorite episodes of the season!

“Mac Bangs Dennis’ Mom.”


What Happens:

To spite her ex-husband, Frank, Dennis and Dee’s mom bangs Mac. Mac is initially reluctant to betray his friend, but cannot resist the allure of a hot older woman. Meanwhile, Dennis tries to blackmail Charlie to get out of doing Charlie work around the bar. He threatens to bang the Waitress unless Charlie takes back the Charlie work. Charlie vows revenge and, with Dee’s help, reveals Mac’s betrayal to Dennis, and convinces him that he must bang Mac’s mom to get even. Dee then tries to convince the Waitress that Dennis is off banging old ladies and that she needs to bang Charlie to get back at Dennis. It is not what I would call a foolproof plan, and predictably the scheme backfires when the Waitress decides that she should actually bang Frank to get back at Dennis. And we are left with Charlie, devastated at the horror that he has wrought.


Why I Like It:

We get to see more of Charlie’s obsession with the Waitress which I always enjoy, plus his attempt at evil genius-ing. He works out quite a complicated, three-phase plan (although he’d like to pop a quick phase four on there…no? Okay), that ultimately implodes. Obviously.

And then there’s Mac’s adorable crush on Dennis’ mom. He just wants to be loved. If there was a problem with the sex, he’s totally open to making adjustments. He’s had to do that before and it hasn’t been a problem! Again, we’re seeing the early developments of something that will become a defining character trait for Mac: his desperate desire for a parental figure’s love.

To top it all off there’s the hilarity of Dennis being rejected by both Mac and Charlie’s mothers. Anything that rocks Dennis’ confidence in his own attractiveness is top shelf hilarity in my book.

Rejected by Mrs. Kelly, who, it should be noted, voluntarily banged Frank

Favorite Quotes:

Dennis: “What the hell is going on? What is wrong with you people? I am sexually attractive. I am an attractive man.”

Mac: “But it’s Dennis and Dee’s mom.”   Charlie: “Yeah, well that means that no one ever ever’s gonna find out.”   Mac: That doesn’t make any sense.“  Charlie: “It doesn’t have to make sense.”  Mac: “You’re right. I’m gonna do it!”

Charlie: “It’s not sex I want from you, it’s sex I don’t want from Dennis.”

Dennis’ Mom: “You’re not gonna start talking about your feelings and shit, are you?”

Line reading of the episode again goes to Charlie Day:

“(To a calculator) What are you?”


“The Gang Gives Back.”


What Happens:

The gang is sentenced to community service because of events in a previous episode involving an incident of arson via flaming bag of feces. Dennis, Mac, and Dee are placed in charge of coaching a children’s basketball league. They are, of course, terrible, and instead of teaching the kids about sportsmanship and discipline, they teach them about cheating and stabbing each other with safety pins. Meanwhile, Charlie is forced to attend AA where he runs into the Waitress, who agrees to become his sponsor. Charlie uses this as an opportunity to continue his courtship, but becomes enraged when he learns that she is actually using the sponsorship as an opportunity to get close to Dennis. Meanwhile, Frank has formed a gambling ring, which seems to consist mostly of old Vietnamese men, and he has fixed the basketball game. A drunken Charlie shows up to referee and proceeds to preside over a terrible clusterfuck of a game that undoubtedly ruins many childhoods.

Why I Like It:

Dee has never looked more like a giant bird than in that yellow pantsuit. It’s glorious. This episode also has a great Mac/Dee team up (see also “Bums: Making a Mess All Over the City”…and more!), where Mac is condescending and sexist, while Dee is defiant and refuses to let Mac order her around. The fact that the actors are married in real life just makes it more amusing.


I also really enjoy scenarios where grownups are terrible role models for kids, so this episode hits that button. I mean if I’m being honest, my approach to coaching would likely mirror Dennis’ “take a lap” philosophy. Miss a lay-up? Take a lap. Bring me the wrong soda? Take a lap. Just finished taking a lap? Take another lap.

Favorite Quotes:

Mac: (upon Dennis picking all the black kids to be on his basketball team and pretending he didn’t do it on purpose) “You know exactly what you’ve done, sir.”

Dennis:  “What are those, flip flops? Jesus, kid.”

Dennis: (upon a little kid bringing him a soda) “What the hell is that?”  Flip flops Kid: “I don’t know.” Dennis: “It’s diet.”  Flip flops Kid: “Oh.”   Dennis: “Do I look like I need to be on a diet?”  Flip flops Kid: “I don’t know.”  Dennis: “Terrible. Take a lap.”


Also, honorable mention goes to “Charlie Goes America All Over Everybody’s Ass” because of this.

Also, also, check out the bloopers for this season, because “It’s Always Sunny” bloopers are some of the finest bloopers around 🙂

What were your favorite episodes of season two? There really are no wrong answers.

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